The Rules of Unemployment

I have a friend from way back in high school, Jackie, who has a friend named Fred Kluth.  Fred and his roommate, Stepahnaie, came up with this list of rules for being unemployed a few years ago.  Being unemployed myself (some of friends call it under-employed, since I work part-time), I thought this list was terrific.  I want to thank Fred for allowing me to re-post this.

My favorite is #2:

#1 – Spend at least 1-2 hour a day looking for a job, making calls, etc. But really try to treat each day like you are working, get up, get dressed, take a shower. create and keep a ritual/schedule

#2 – Have Peanut Butter and Jelly Tuesdays. Do you know anyone else who isn’t working? See if you can get together for lunch on Tuesdays for PB&J. PB&J because its cheap and you don’t have a lot of money to spend on Brie or impressive food.

#3 –  No Drinking until 5pm

#4 –  You can allow only yourself one hour of television a day. Under no circumstances watch tv all day. TV eats your soul.

#5 – Go outside at least once a day. Go for a walk, go to the park… don’t stay couped up… lack of personal contact depresses people. Exercise is good and now you have time to do it.

#6 – Goof off Friday! Soon you will be working again and you will look back on those days of unemployment and say, “oh, I should have done that when I wasn’t working”. Take advantage of being off and have some fun. Make all your friends with jobs jealous! Go to a museum, go to the movies, see some friends. Do whatever you want this day is for you.

#7 –  If you find yourself on the internet reading about Lindsey Lohan – go to step 5.

#8 –  Practice acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm – you can’t force change, somethings need to take there own time, you can do all the leg work but you have to leave the rest to forces out of your control

#9 – Schedule informational meetings.