Get Well, Don Imus!

Don ImusRadio legend Don Imus announced this morning that he is battling Stage 2 prostate cancer.  According to a bone scan, the cancer has not spread.  The 68 year old shock jock seems to have a good attitude about his diagnosis, “I’ll be fine. If I’m not fine, I won’t be fine. It’s not a big deal. The prognosis couldn’t be better.”

Mr. Imus believes that with the help of his doctors, he will beat it.

Prostate cancer is usually treated with surgery and/or radiation.  Approximately 200,000 men are diagnosed with this form of cancer every year.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of Don Imus, the radio host.  But as a humanitarian, his “Imus Ranch” in New Mexico has helped countless kids battling their own life-threatening diseases.  And, as a cancer survivor myself, I offer my support and prayers that he will beat this.