Aren’t Final Credits Part of the Movie?

I had a great time last night.  I met my friend, Claudine for dinner and then we went to see James Cameron’s “Avatar.”  I think we were probably the last two people in the country who hadn’t seen it yet.  We went to a 10pm showing (in 3D, of course) at the Bridgeport, Connecticut Showcase Cinemas, which are owned by National Amusements.

After paying $30 for two tickets, we went into the theater.  It was 10:01pm.  The movie had already started.  I knew we were running a little bit late because dinner ran long.  We expected to walk in during previews.  Apparently they didn’t do previews.  OK… no problem.  We were late and missed the very beginning.  I accept that.

I loved the movie.  Of course the special effects were brilliant. Sigourney Weaver was fantastic.  James Horner’s score was beautiful.  The story was OK.  Did I mention the special effects?

At the end of the movie, they started to roll the end credits.  And then about 1 minute into the credits, they just shut down the projector and started cleaning the theater.  Um… HELLO!!!!!  I was still watching!

I understand that most people don’t stay for the credits.  I also understand that it was very late and the movie theater employees wanted to leave.   But… I paid $30 to see a movie, and both Claudine and I are the type of people that enjoy staying and reading the credits.  I consider it a part of the movie going experience.

So both the Bridgeport Showcase Theater and their parent company, National Amusements will be getting letters from both me and Claudine.  I may even write to 20th Century Fox and James Cameron himself if I can find his e-mail address.  OK… I’m sure he won’t care.  I’m not looking for restitution, my money back, or free movies… I just want someone to know that there are those of us who believe that the ending credits are a part of the movie and we want to see them.