The Passing of a Friend

I am actually in a bit of shock right now.  In my last post, I mentioned that a friend of mine suffered from a stroke at just 39 years old.  I just found out that Bruce Kendall passed away around 5:30pm on Saturday, March 21st.

I was close friends with Bruce and his future wife, Nicole, while we were students at Southern Connecticut State University back in the early 90’s.  We were all part of our college radio station.  As with a lot of friends, we sort of lost touch over the course of time.  I knew that Bruce and Nicole moved to Ohio, and knew that they had 3 children.  But we hadn’t spoken in years.

I don’t remember exactly when I met Bruce.  He was best friends with my friend Rob from the radio station.  I know that Rob and his wife, Maureen have remained best friends with Bruce and Nicole throughout the years.  I kept tabs on Bruce through Rob and Mo.  And then I lost touch with them a few years back.  Nothing happened, we just got busy with different aspects of our lives.

And then, a few months ago, I heard from Bruce through Facebook.  Then Nicole, and Maureen & Rob.  I was overjoyed that I was able to re-connect with them.

Bruce has the unfortunate distinction of being the first of my contemporaries to pass away.  We are now at an age where we are dealing with the deaths of parents and grandparents and those loved ones of an older generation.  We are not supposed to have to have to deal with losing our friends in our late 30’s and early 40’s.  It makes me realize just how fragile we are.

It also makes me feel incredibly lucky to have been reconnected to them.  And to have reconnected with so many of my friends from high school and college.  And even though we may not speak on a regular basis, you are all a part of my life.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Nicole and their children.  And of course to Rob and Maureen and all of Bruce’s family.

And I am proud that I have been able to call Bruce my friend.


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