Time For a Rant About…

For the love of God… WHY do people let their children mis-behave in public???  This is what happened to me today.  I was standing in line at my friendly neighborhood Arby’s (a bastion of fine dining), and the person in front of me was either the father or possibly grandfather of two, let’s just say, overly enthusiastic children possibly in the 4 to 5 year old range.  One boy and one girl.  The children are running around, wrestling with each other, pulling at each other’s clothes (the boy was wearing a particularly nice sweater that the girl was stretching to death), and oh yeah… BUMPING INTO OTHER CUSTOMERS SUCH AS MYSELF!!!!  And the whole time, the father/grandfather completely ignores them.  Wait… he didn’t completely ignore them.  He asked if they didn’t have Strawberry shakes, what else would they want!  How about something more along the lines of “If you two don’t calm down this instant I’m going to pour a strawberry shake down your pants!!!”  Nothing… not even an apology to me and the and the other patrons who became his children’s personal bumper cars.

Don’t get me wrong… I love kids.  I have two nieces that I love dearly and can give back to the parents at anytime.  But come on people.  You’re not doing your children any good by letting them run amok and not disciplining them.  I certainly don’t believe in hitting a child… but a stern voice can do wonders for kids.

Thank you… and goodnight!


One comment on “Time For a Rant About…

  1. Eric,

    I was standing in line behind a family at Children’s Place yesterday, and one of the three children, a girl of about eight years of age, was getting itchy and starting to climb up on the counter. The mom delivered a short, swift, clearly nonabusive spank on her butt, told her that was not the way to behave, and continued with the transaction. The girl got the message and quietly got down and strolled around the immediate area, waiting patiently. I’m sure any police officer or child psychologist watching would have given their full approval.

    I’ve been a mom for almost twenty years now, and I’ve had the occasional bad day where a child or two of mine has acted up in public. A couple of times I’ve had to leave a half-empty grocery cart in the middle of the store or a half-eaten meal at a diner table and take a child, mid-tantrum, home. Let me tell you, when you’re putting a screaming child into a car seat, heads turn to make sure you’re not a kidnapper or child abuser–it’s so embarassing! But while no parent can expect their children to behave well in public all the time, ignoring the problem will only serve to exacerbate it.

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