Brian James a.k.a. “The Voice of God” passes

Brian James

March is turning out to be a rough month.  Just last week, we lost radio legend, Paul Harvey.  Yesterday, radio lost another legend. You may only know him by his voice… but almost everyone who works in the broadcasting industry knows him by name… Brian James.  Brian has left his imprint on hundreds of radio stations across the country as the self-proclaimed “Voice of God”.  He’s the guy that always pops up on station promos and bumpers.  The “voice of the station”, if you will.  Just some of the radio stations that were blessed to have Brian voice include Z100/New York, KIIS/Los Angeles, The Power Pig – 933 FLZ/Tampa, and even a couple of radio stations that I have worked for, including Y105/Danbury and KC 101 in New Haven.

Brian was 48 years old.  R.I.P.


2 comments on “Brian James a.k.a. “The Voice of God” passes

  1. Brian a.k.a BIG KID. is/was my cousin.. it is a very sad and unexpected loss. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your support and tributes to him. It is very much appreciated. Thank you again,,

    Micah M.

    • Micah… I am so sorry for your loss. I never knew Brian… but radio in general is a very small industry. And in a way, we all know each other. Brian always had that slightly sarcastic sound that you could almost see the gleam in his eye. I will miss hearing him.

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